Friday, March 30, 2012

The Phanar and Abortion

Perhaps this could help clarify why Patriarch Bartholomew has a generally
pro-abortion stance, in his book, "Encountering the Mystery", he says:

I also encounter many and diverse issues related to the sanctity of life from
birth through death. Those issues range from sensitive matters of sexuality to
highly controversial questions like the death penalty. In all such social and
moral issues, it is not one or another position that the Orthodox Church seeks
to promote in a defensive spirit. Indeed, we would normally refrain from
expounding a single rigidly defined dogma on social and moral challenges.
Rather, it is the sacredness of the human person, created in the image and
likeness of God, that the Church at all times seeks to underline.

I'm sure many can see the starkness between this muddled statement that
can be open to the most radical interpretation, indeed, it lends itself to such,
as opposed to the generally pro-life stance taken in the MP's own official
documents (despite the fact that the MP allows hotels it operates to run abortion services, which indicates a divide even in the MP between official views and rhetoric and practice).

Even more shocking is the fact that the Ecumenical Patriarch, while at the
notoriously globalist and anti-human Coca Cola in Atlanta, gave a gift of the
Koran to the Muslim executive, while lauding the essential similarity of all

Interesting how he doesn't mention Jesus Christ once. Nor in his interview with
Charlie Rose about 2 years ago, did he mention our Sweet Saviour Jesus Christ. He
constantly mentions saving the environment, the world, but, never mentions
Jesus Christ in these interviews. Obviously, he is embarrassed to preach Jesus
Christ to the worldly. Yet, he has no fear to give the Satanic book known as
the Koran to a devil worshipping Muslim. He even calls the Koran the "Holy
Koran, the Sacred Book of our Muslim brothers and sisters".

As Rev. Johannes Jacobse says, the president of the American Orthodox Institute:

Perhaps the EP's [Ecumenical Patriarch's] equivocations on abortion explains the
affinity with the alarmism of progressive environmentalism. The alarmism is
essentially misanthropic (mis-anthropos — hate man); it views the human person
as spoiler, rather than part, of the environment. (The language of stewardship
is used in progressive apologetics, but the definition of the term is reserved
for those who hold to progressive cultural prescriptions.) Malcolm Muggeridge
wrote about the misanthropic theme in broader philosophical terms back in 1979:
The Great Liberal Death Wish.

Reducing the value of a person to private opinion means that man has no more
value than an animal, and viewing man as mere animal is a descent into madness.
Human rights activist Wesley J. Smith rightly discerns the barbarous end of this
thinking and calls for a new ethic of "human exceptionalism" in Orthodox
Advocate For "Human Exceptionalism". Hopefully other human rights activists will
take heed.

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