Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Priest for Alabama

Congradulations to the new priest, Fr. Joseph Gagliano. After years of searching, he came to true Orthodoxy, after leaving the World Orthodox Churches of the OCA and Moscow Patriarchate. He and his family were baptised into these Churches, but, after years of searching, and then several months of conversations and contacts with Metropolitan John and other clergy, he decided to join our Synod. He was recently Chrismated (Order for the Reception of Schismatics/Heretics), and ordained to the minor orders, and then to deacon and priest, by Metropolitan John. Fr. Joseph will return to McCalla, Alabama to conduct missionary activities.

Having had the week to spend with Fr. Joseph Gagliano, it was a pleasure to meet him, and to meet his father, Sam. They helped with some much needed masonry work (as his father proved to be a quite competent brick mason), thus, cutting down on the time needed to install window frames. Many years to the new Fr. Joseph!

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